Tula is a five piece progressive funk-rock band consisting of two guitars, drums, bass and a saxophone. Tula was first formed in Chicago by frontman Brian Duggan as the Brian Duggan Project in 2008. After touring and preforming in the Midwest for a few years, Duggan re-rooted the band to Denver and formed a permanent cast of musicians that makes up present day Tula. The group’s organic and unique style brings a refreshing diverse sound to the traditional jam band setup, and their live shows bring even the most reserved attendees to the dance floor as they infuse a variety of genres together from funky dance music to blues, reggae and of course, the at the bands core, rock n’ roll. 

The Denver band spent the winter working on their first full-length album, Follow the Beast Inside, recorded at Scanhope Sound in Colorado with mastermind producer Joshua Fairman. Fairman has also produced and engineered albums for The New Mastersounds.and The Motet, respectively. 

Tula is: 

Brian Duggan – Vocals / Guitar

Joshua Gendal – Guitar

Jeremy Smith – Sax / Vocals 

Logan Firth – Drums / Live Recording Guru

Jon Ham – Bass